Rates for self catering cottages


Rates for our Self Catering Holiday Cottages 2020

Jan 4th to March 13th

€395 EURO

March 14th to April 3rd

€430 EURO

April 4 to April 17th

€545 EURO

April 18th to 29th may

€505 EURO

May 30th to June 26th

€530 EURO

June 27th  to Aug 28th

€795 EURO

Aug 29th to Oct 2nd

€505 EURO

Oct 3 to Nov 6th

€430 EURO

Nov 7th to Dec 18th

€395 EURO

Dec 19th to Jan 8th 2021

€525 EURO

Cottages are booked sat to sat , if you want a date that is not sat to sat or require a weekend please contact us .

We accept the following forms of payment:


Should you have any queries please contact us via our contact form here >>